Power TV is a new Global Multi-Media Advertising & Business Platform for Tech, TV, Movies, Radio, Magazines/Publishing, Influencers/Celebrities, Social Media Marketing, & All things relating to OUR CULTURE.

We are the world's First "Positive Love" TV Network on a mission to Unite, Heal and uplift all the 'Earth People' on the entire planet with Love, laughter, good music, Tv, Movies, sportsmanship and Live Events greatly impacting our Homes and communities where we raise our families.
We are Real Artists, who Represent True Art, so our main Focus is to first Unite and Connect all the independent artists Directly with their fans on a Major Level, creating a Win / Win situation for all parties and Brands involved, with a Future Vision of creating a place where all talented artists can finally get Paid Properly for doing what they Love!!!

We are a global multi-channel Live streaming, OTT, PPV
& VOD Platform (with 100 Channels on Roku - 'The Enterprise Theater' Network, Currently FREE for All), with more care placed on tasteful / relevant Ads & Sponsored content.

Contact Us:
i.g -- @PowerTvApp
Text Us: 305-501-7038